“The overall class was very informational and enlightening. Not only did I gather leadership skills, but I also learned to be a better team member.” Diane E. Neely

“[This class was] very self-reflective and provided great insight to overall perspective of leadership. Thank you!!! I thoroughly enjoyed [working with Stephanie]!” Michael Shaw

“This has been an amazing class. It has truly given me the drive that I needed to get myself on track to success. Stephanie Taylor is an awesome teacher. She makes the class very interesting and truly has a passion for helping people to be the best they can be.” Melissa Brown

“I thoroughly enjoyed [working with Stephanie]. The materials and dialogue has really opened my eyes to the improvements that I need to make for myself. I have realized within the last 12 weeks that I am a leader and that I am going to be an “overcomer” to the challenges that I face. “ T. Johnson

“Fantastic! Valuable tools for every day. Personal and professional materials were great!” R. Siedell

“[Stephanie’s coaching] filled a void in my leadership development that I know I out there for others—especially women.” D. Wixon

“[Stephanie] has given me very valuable and realistic tools to not only improve my skills but to inspire and impact the relationships I have with others.” G. May

“It has made me feel strong as a leader and my abilities to execute my ideas for our department. Gave me ideas to improve my leadership skills and stand behind them.” P. McGill

“Stephanie Taylor is a great teacher. She has motivated me to continue to learn and put the knowledge learned to work.” SRHS Student, Session III

[Stephanie’s coaching] has given me numerous excellent tools that I can use both in my personal and work life.” Tricia Holden

“The class reenergized me and emphasized to the participants the commitment we must make to excellence for the benefit to self, family, community, and work.” Celeste Oglesby

Obtained great material to use to advance in my career. The class has taught me ways to become a more productive employee with leadership skills. I learned ways to open up and absorb knowledge to further advance and reach my goals. Nicole Suchomel

“[Working with Stephanie] provided insight to what a leader looks like and provided tools, experiences, and resources to become a better leader. It also gives me tools to use in difficult situations and the knowledge to assist those around me to become more engaged.” Renee Spiriti

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