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Using her gift of vision, Stephanie equips and empowers people to see the greatness in themselves. When people work with or hire Stephanie they experience a transformation from good to great, from potential to purpose, and from just getting by to joy. When people work with me or hire Stephanie they no longer struggle with confidence, purpose and direction.

Stephanie facilitated the Strategic Plan for [our] church. Because it was a church plant, we started from scratch. Stephanie was able to bring people together from different walks of life to provide feedback and concluded with a plan everyone felt good about and played a vital role in. It was an exceptional experience. Stephanie is an intellect with the ability to bring out whatever you need. She does the homework and never cuts corners. She remains engaged and only brings quality service to the table.  Stephanie is extremely organized and her vast experience makes her the perfect solution for many organizational, business, and non profit needs.  Pastor Tony R. Batiste, Hope Community Church

Do you need help with Strategic Planning?

I can assist your business, organization, or church to develop strategies to meet your short and long-term goals. I will facilitate your strategy development and provide tools to produce business plans with measurable goals and objectives ready for implementation.

A standard engagement includes:

  • Unlimited text and email, and telephone consults between meetings
  • A face-to-face planning meeting with client steering committee
  • A kick-off meeting with planning group
  • 2 follow-up meetings with planning group
  • A meeting to review strategic plan
  • A written strategic plan.

I also facilitate strategic planning meetings to ensure a productive and engaging flow of your discussions and movement of your agenda!

Customized engagements available upon request.

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Fruition Group Experience, Skills, and Success

The Fruition Group is a professional and personal leadership development company that specializes in helping businesses improve organizational performance by improving its people. The Fruition Group, LLC was founded in 2010 by Dr. Stephanie D. Barnes (formerly Stephanie Barnes Taylor), an attorney by training with over 16 years of corporate experience. We help businesses to improve employee performance by enhancing individual employees to be better engaged with internal and external customers. We help people find their leadership and excellence potential and with training and tools to improve their performance. We develop excellence in others through training, coaching, and strategic planning. We provide training that helps employees improve productivity, customer engagement, and overall performance by refining communication skills, stimulating personal and professional growth, inciting personal accountability, and creating a personal commitment to excellence. The principal, Dr. Stephanie D. Barnes, accomplishes this through a distinctive style of instruction that challenges growth and engages critical thinking in reflective exercises that enables participants to maximize learning through practical application.

About the Principal

Dr. Stephanie D. Barnes equips and empowers people to see the greatness in themselves. When people work with her they experience a transformation from good to great, from potential to purpose, and from “just getting by” to excelling at their personal best. When people work with her, they no longer struggle with confidence, direction, and execution.

Dr. Stephanie D. Barnes is a Harvard educated attorney with over 16 years of corporate experience. During her tenure as a corporate executive, she has acquired skills that have enabled her to personally develop leadership skills in aspiring leaders and professionals. Throughout her vast career she has gained experience in organizational and leadership development, project management and corporate strategic planning activities. Her passion is to inspire excellence in others. Stephanie is a woman who sees the possibility in life and embraces the opportunity to excel. She has a proven track record of coaching and transforming employees into high-producing leaders.

She brings the passion, skill-set, experience and trust needed for success in today’s challenging business environment. During her career, Stephanie has successfully lead multi-disciplinary teams; to build coalitions to achieve mutual gain among competing interests; simplified complex ideas and strategies in order to understand opportunities and challenges for execution; developed programs and strategies from idea generation to execution and delivery; turned a passion for continuous learning into an avenue for continuous improvement, both personally and of those around her; and has proven her ability to map a complex project into manageable steps for realization of stated objectives. Her legal training has given her the analytical skills necessary to maximize strategic development of both the operational issues and any legal issues that would impair or impede achievement of intended goals.

Stephanie has a passion that fuels excellent performance and delivers outstanding results. She consistently adds value as energetic leader with drive, initiative, superior intelligence, and a genuine desire to inspire and deliver excellence.

[Stephanie] is very knowledgeable and she knows her stuff! The attorney component is a plus! She created a positive, comfortable environment to enhance learning and growth. She provided board a development workshop for my new non-profit—hands down the best I’ve attended! All board members loved her teaching technique and her content was very relevant.   Romeatrius Moss, CEO BNR