Using her gift of vision, inspiration and, compassionate confrontation, Dr. Stephanie D. Barnes equips and empowers you to be the CEOs of your life!  She equips you to elevate your influence, accelerate your revenue, and find your voice in the workplace and marketplace.  Whether you want to work for someone else or work for yourself, Dr. Stephanie will give you the tools, strategies, and knowledge to take your business and career to the next level.  Her passion is to inspire excellence in others. Stephanie produces leaders in the marketplace and workplace!

Are you full of potential, but you have not achieved all that you desire AND deserve?

Do you want more, but you don’t know where to begin?

Are you constantly looked over for promotions and leadership opportunities, because you are not considered to be “qualified”?

Do you want a great career, but feel trapped in a job that is robbing you of your joy?

Are you a great leader, but no one seems to see it?

Do you have a business idea, but don’t know where to start?

If you answered “YES” to any of these questions, Stephanie’s one-on-one coaching services will help you get to the next level in your career or business.

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Summary of Qualifications, Success, and Skills for

Dr. Stephanie D.Barnes, Certified Professional Coach

Dr. Stephanie D. Barnes is a well-respected and sought after speaker and coach for leadership development and self-improvement. Coaching, mentoring, and developing her team has been an integral part of her success as attorney and corporate executive. Stephanie has been coaching leaders professionally since 2010, with the formation of her company, The Fruition Group, LLC. She helps businesses to improve employee performance by improving people! She helps people find their leadership and excellence potential and with training and tools to improve their performance. She develops excellence in others through training, coaching, and strategic planning. She provides training that helps employees improve productivity, customer engagement, and overall performance by refining communication skills, stimulating personal and professional growth, inciting personal accountability, and creating a personal commitment to excellence. Stephanie accomplishes this through a distinctive style of instruction that challenges growth and critical thinking through reflective exercises that enables participants to maximize learning through practical application.

Dr. Stephanie D. Barnes equips and empowers people to see the greatness in themselves. When people work with her they experience a transformation from good to great, from potential to purpose, and from “just getting by” to excelling at their personal best. When people work with her, they no longer struggle with confidence, direction, and execution.

Dr. Stephanie D. Barnes is a Harvard educated attorney with over 16 years of corporate experience. During her tenure as a corporate executive, she acquired skills that have enabled her to personally develop leadership skills in aspiring leaders and professionals. Throughout her vast career she has gained experience in organizational and leadership development, project management and corporate strategic planning activities. Her passion is to inspire excellence in others. Stephanie is a woman who sees the possibility in life and embraces the opportunity to excel. She has a proven track record of coaching and transforming employees into high-producing leaders. She began offering her transformational coaching program, Fabulous University, in September 2014.

Stephanie attended Mississippi State University (1990 – 1992) and graduated summa cum laude from Tougaloo College in 1994 with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in English. She received her law degree from Harvard Law School in 1997. She is currently a doctoral candidate in Organizational Leadership at The Chicago School of Professional Psychology. She received her certification as a Professional Coach from Coach Training Alliance in 2014.

What makes Dr. Stephanie D. Barnes a good professional leadership development coach?

Paraphrasing feedback from her coaching clients, Dr. Stephanie D. Barnes is passionate about helping others develop and enhance their leadership capabilities. She sees the potential of others and helps them uncover their personal creativity by developing a course of action and putting it into fruition. Her coaching style is centered in stimulating her clients to action, not merely giving them directions. Her clients describe her optimism as “contagious.” Her clients end their sessions knowing they can accomplish anything while maintaining a servant attitude. She accomplishes this through facilitating a vision through introspection and challenging questions, creating an environment for client self-awareness through journaling and embracing accountability through client-driven goals, objectives, and solutions.

Stephanie embraces self-awareness and feedback as a vital tool for continuous improvement. Her client surveys have revealed that she maintains a positive but realistic outlook and expresses confidence that goals will be achieved. Clients value her commitment to teaching and mentoring. Clients have shared that Stephanie possesses a positive attitude, consistency, and ability to work with all types of personalities and people and that she is passionate about developing leadership qualities in others. She has been described as possessing the ability to inspire the best in others through a transformational leadership style that enables other to reach heights they may have thought was impossible. Stephanie has a commitment to follow-through and completing goals. She will get the job done regardless of the sacrifice or personal effort. She leads confidently with the end result in mind. Her clients find that she makes herself available when needed and is there to support them during challenging assignments. Her clients find her to be authentic and honest.

What is Stephanie’s Coaching Style?

Stephanie is committed to client-driven solutions. She achieves this by engaging the client to understand the client’s Coaching Objectives (the client wants take away from session); conducting a Personal Assessment of the client (understanding their unique talents, abilities, gifts and skills, including understanding their “story,” obstacles and creativity levels); determining the client’s Mindset (what has held them back or slowed their progress, including how they will/can sabotage their own success); gauging the client’s Motivation (asking challenging questions to learn how serious the client is about obtaining their stated goals, what energizes them, and the real impact of the stated goal achievement on their lives and that of their family); and the client’s Goal Objectives (a client articulation of well-defined and realistic, while somewhat challenging goals). Stephanie earns trust from her clients and adds value to their coaching sessions by holding them accountable for by reviewing the goals regularly and respectfully reminding them where they have fallen short of goal.